Sun, clear skies expected in NYC this week before rain sets in


Spring is in full swing in New York City — at least for a couple days, with highs around 50 or higher all week and sun forecasted for Monday and Tuesday.

Monday will be a “banner day,” according to FOX Weather Meteorologist Stephen McCloud — with sunny skies and temperatures as high as 60 degrees expected in parts of the tri-state region.

The sun will recede but warm weather will continue into Tuesday and Wednesday, when rain is expected to begin in the afternoon and persist until the end of the week, with cold temperatures to follow, McCloud said.

“There’s a chance of rain Wednesday afternoon into Thursday, Friday, and getting out of here Friday night,” the forecaster said.

By next Sunday, the city will see “chilly” nights with lows in the 20s through Tuesday, according to FOX’s forecast.

Spring is expected to start with warm and sunny weather as well as clear skies in New York City.
Gabriella Bass

For now, New Yorkers can bask in the first sips of springtime. Temperatures on Sunday hit 60 degrees — and a few clouds in the sky could not stop city dwellers from enjoying the first official day of the season.

Jorge Guerrero, 24, who works in student loan finance, and his boyfriend, Gerard Stankewicz, 28, an accountant at a non-profit, spent Sunday in Central Park sitting in lawn chairs from Target.

“Typical New York picnic — something from Dunkin’,” quipped Guerrero. “We’ve probably been out here an hour and we plan to make this an all day thing.”

The warm weather is expected to turn into rain starting on Wednesday in the city.
Gabriella Bass

Steven Leung, 38, of Long Island City, came out to Central Park in the morning to run in the New York City Half Marathon.

He described the weather as “perfect running conditions.”

“I would have expected it to be colder but it was very nice today,” he said. “The weather was great.”


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