BK BP Reynoso admits to driving, parking with outdated permits


Park as I say, not as I park.

Brooklyn’s staunchly anti-car Borough President Antonio Reynoso copped to driving with an expired registration and parking with an expired city-issued parking permit — after Twitter sleuth @placardabuse posted photos of his dark grey Nissan Rogue parked in front of a sidewalk ramp outside Borough Hall.

“Hi @BKBPReynoso. Is this your car, with the expired @nysdmv registration, using an expired @NYCCouncil placard?” @placardabuse posted on Twitter Friday night, along with photos of the parked vehicle and its City Council-issued placard and plates.

“Yes, that’s my bad, genuinely,” Reynoso tweeted in response the next morning.

The newly-elected beep — who previously represented the 34th City Council district — said the car “is the bane of my existence.”

“Seldom used, I brought it out to handle all these issues,” he tweeted. “Removed Gov’t plates and returning placard. Dealing with DMV on registration. Will no longer have plates or placard moving forward. No excuses.”

Use of an expired or fraudulent placard is illegal, as is driving with expired registration.

Placard parking around Borough Hall, in particular, was a key focus of Reynoso’s run for office last year, including a promise to ban parking in Borough Hall Plaza, which his predecessors permitted.

Reynoso followed through on that promise, and has used his bully pulpit as BP to advocate for less parking and more transit and bike lanes. In January, he dismissed constituent parking concerns as “not my responsibility.”

Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso speaks onstage at the 36th Annual Brooklyn Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Borough President Antonio Reynoso admitted to driving with an expired registration and parking with an expired city-issued parking permit.
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“The reality is you can’t find a parking spot because too many people on your block own cars,” Reynoso told attendees at the virtual community forum. “I think you have the right to buy as many cars as you want, but with it will come to the responsibility and the burden of trying to find a parking spot. That is not my responsibility.”

He told attendees the city is “doing people a favor” by providing free on-street parking in neighborhoods, according to video of his comments that went viral on Twitter.

But the liberal pol’s own driving record shows the limits of the city’s three million free spots — the BP himself has multiple violations for illegal parking. One photo posted on Twitter shows his Nissan parked in a no-standing zone — with his city placard in the dash.

Brooklyn sidewalk
A twitter account posted photos of Reynoso’s car parked in front of a sidewalk ramp outside Borough Hall.

Public records, meanwhile, show the vehicle has 12 violations, including seven for illegal parking and four for expired registration or inspection stickers, according to the “How’s My Driving NY” database.

“This is an example of pure hypocrisy by Borough President Reynoso,” said a source close to City Hall. “He made a big priority to deal with parking abuses. This is why people think politicians like him are phonies.”

On Friday cops arrested an MTA worker for fraudulent placard use in the vicinity of Borough Hall. The @placardabuse account documented the parking cheat’s illegal behavior for months before cops acted.

The anonymous placard watchdogs told The Post they are “satisfied to see that the new Brooklyn Borough President has carried through on his campaign promise to restore the public parkland around Borough Hall to the people, instead of continuing to use it as an illegal parking lot for the office’s staff.”

“On the other hand, the problem with his expired vehicle registration and use of an expired City Council placard was disappointing,” the watchdog said in a direct message to The Post. “We appreciate that he responded promptly and respectfully when asked about it, which many other politicians have not done when they were caught. Of course, there are divergent views among our contributors about whether his mea culpa was sincere and sufficient to take responsibility, or if he is another hypocrite who is trying to save face.

“We will see how hard he works to clean up the streets around his office, which remain smothered in unsafe placard corruption, and we will keep an eye out for any more violations associated with him or his office.”


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